My new blog with some vintage content

Published at: 2019-09-20 21:57:18


As a senior developer I think it is important to share the knowledge, thoughts, and day to day experiences. Attending to conferences, meetups and writing a blog is a great way to achieve this.

I was working on this blog, when remembered the early days of my career. Back in 2008 (huh, it was 11 years ago) together with 3 more young and ambitious developers we founded a company. The company itself was not a big success – to put it mildly – but we’ve learned a lot and worked hard these days.

No composer, no GitHub

Using open source packages or plugins was not as easy as nowadays. GitHub just started, composer didn’t exist. The options were PEAR and manually downloading packages from websites. When we started to work with CakePHP, it had some plugin ecosystem. We used official and non official plugins to achieve common things (like authorization, exports etc.).


Fortunately git was available, it made our life much easier after subversion. Anyone remembers svn now? Or cvs? Even those were better alternatives than to hack the code locally and just upload it via ftp to the server, or hack it directly on the server (oh no…)

My first open source plugin

As we were already using some open source packages, I thought that releasing some part of our code as CakePHP plugin would be a good giving back to the community. We were creating a project with flash (R.I.P.) and CakePHP as a backend. The standard communication between flash and the backend was achieved with amf messages. I won’t go into the details, as it doesn’t exist anymore. I created a CakePHP plugin which was capable to handle this communication. We put it on our website with some articles describing the usage. Unfortunately the code is lost since then – it would be useless anyway – but thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the blog posts survived. I’ve put some of them on this blog, if you are interested please find the relevant one here. The plugin became quite popular, we’ve got good feedback in comments.

Other articles

I’ve written some more articles about the above mentioned plugin, and a post about how to dump all mysql databases at once to separated sql or gzip files. This topic is still actual and the shell script written for this purpose is working as well. It is now hosted on GitHub as gist. Please find the refurbished version here.

The future

After the nostalgic look back to the beginning of my web development career (I worked as a C programmer before that, but it is a topic for another post), let’s take a look forward. My plan is to contribute more to open-source projects, to create my own open-source projects, and to attend meetups and conferences as a speaker. This blog has been created with the intent of sharing topics what I found interesting during my work, writing tutorials, and some general, development related articles, like this one.