My name is Daniel Werner, I am senior web developer focusing on standards and code quality. I develop bespoke software solutions according to the clients’ needs. My areas of expertise include but is not limited to: database architecture, backend programming (mostly php and Laravel), frontend programming (javascript, html, css), linux server administration, consulting and many more except one area: I don’t do design.


Backend development is mostly done in php using the Laravel framework.

The frontend development can be done using a frontend framework (Vue.js or Angular), or simply using jQuery for simpler applications.

I use TDD methodology whenever it is possible (and it is almost always possible!) to ensure that our products are robust and maintainable.

As an enthusiastic developer, I am always hungry for challenging projects.


Set up CI/CD for your Laravel app with GitHub, Travis, and Deployer

The Laravel ecosystem has great tools for managing automatic deployments: Envoyer, Forge and for serverless deployments there is Vapor. These are easy to use and affordable solutions for automatic deployment of Laravel applications. But if you are developing open source applications, or just looking for a free solution, you can set up Travis CI for …