My name is Daniel Werner, I am a senior web developer, TDD and clean code enthusiasts, mostly working in PHP (Laravel) and JavaScript (VueJs, jQuery, vanilla).

I am living in Subotica, Serbia working as a developer and manager in my company WDEV doo


Backend development is mostly done in php using the Laravel framework.

The frontend development can be done using a frontend framework (Vue.js or Angular), or simply using jQuery for simpler applications.

I use TDD methodology whenever it is possible (and it is almost always possible!) to ensure that our products are robust and maintainable.

As an enthusiastic developer, I am always hungry for challenging projects.


Under the hood: How model attributes work in Laravel

Laravel model attributes are basically representing the database fields for the given model. When data is retrieved from the database, it can be accessed through the model as they were actual properties of the model instance: $model->database_column_name. However the attributes are not real properties of the instance, but they are stored in the protected $attributes …

Using Github actions and Deployer for creating CI/CD for Laravel

In one of my previous articles I’ve written about how to create an automated pipeline for continuous integration and continuous delivery using travis. Lately GitHub actions are quite popular, I am also experimenting with them. I started by reading the articles written by the guys from Spatie, you can find them here and here. While …