My name is Daniel Werner, I am a senior web developer, TDD and clean code enthusiasts, mostly working in PHP (Laravel) and JavaScript (VueJs, jQuery, vanilla).

I live in Subotica, Serbia working as a developer and manager in my company WDEV doo


Backend development is mostly done in php using the Laravel framework.

The frontend development can be done using a frontend framework (Vue.js or Angular), or simply using jQuery for simpler applications.

I use TDD methodology whenever it is possible (and it is almost always possible!) to ensure that our products are robust and maintainable.

As an enthusiastic developer, I am always hungry for challenging projects.


Testing with Mocha – 2. Using the assert library

In the previous lesson we’ve created our first test, but used only one assertion to check if the result equals to a predefined value. Let’s take a look at the capabilities of the Chai’s assert library, and explore them through some more advanced examples. Using strictEqual and notStrictEqual In the first example we’ve already used …