My name is Daniel Werner, I am a senior web developer, TDD and clean code enthusiasts, mostly working in PHP (Laravel) and JavaScript (VueJs, jQuery, vanilla).

I live in Subotica, Serbia working as a developer and manager in my company WDEV doo


Backend development is mostly done in php using the Laravel framework.

The frontend development can be done using a frontend framework (Vue.js or Angular), or simply using jQuery for simpler applications.

I use TDD methodology whenever it is possible (and it is almost always possible!) to ensure that our products are robust and maintainable.

As an enthusiastic developer, I am always hungry for challenging projects.


Under the hood: How database transactions work in Laravel

Continuing the under the hood series, this time about database transactions in Laravel. I won’t repeat all the things on how you can use the transactions in Laravel. If you are not familiar with the topic you can find everything in the documentation here. We’re now focusing on how these implementations work in the background, …

How to authorize static files in Laravel with Nginx auth_request

When it is necessary to authenticate and authorize the access of static files, such as downloadable content, images etc, the common approach is to read the file with PHP and return the content. Laravel’s download method also works this way. There is nothing wrong with this approach. However it could lead to some performance issues …